17 Year old Male – Weight loss?

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weight loss shakes for men
by Chris Devers

Question by : 17 Year old Male – Weight loss?
Hey, I’m a 17 year old male, I’m 6′ and 223lbs. (Yes, i know “HOLY SHIT”)
I never used to get out much, which explains the weight, now i’ve been this weight for over a few years never moving much below or higher than my current weight no matter what i eat.

I have a Manual Treadmill and i can run about 15-20mins on it and i’m dead, but than okay again 10 minutes later.

I have little to no muscle, i can do 40+ Situps, but struggle doing 3ish pushups.
I’m not sure if i should replace my meals with a whey protein shake or not, I’ve heard people use them to “bulk up”.

I just need to find some way i can get a nice 6 pack and lose my man boobs.
I’ve been thinking of having whey protein shakes, juice fasting, water fasting, etc but i’m not sure.

I just need to drop weight like crazy or anyway you think is best.

Thank you!

Best answer:

Answer by Ratto
Let’s start over:


To attain a healthy lifestyle, ( NOT A DIET!!), you need to change your eating habits.
You follow this safe plan and I PROMISE IN WRITING you will lose weight and keep it off!

Remember when I said to read labels?

You have to keep ALL DAILY carbohydrates and sugars to 100- 120 grams a day.

That’s a combined number.
For instance:

30 grams of sugars PER DAY, and 70 grams of carbohydrates PER DAY equals 100 grams TOTAL PER DAY.

Eat smaller meals, 4-5 a day to remain full.

Drink plenty of water.

WATER, not some damned sugary crap, WATER.
walk a mile a day, and be sure it is a full mile…for 5 days, then on the 6th day increase it to 2 miles,
After a month you should be able to walk 2 miles briskly and be back home within 30 minutes.
S-P-R-E-A-D O-U-T those carbs so you don’t feel hungry and count count count those sugar and carbohydrate grams.

Sounds a bit harsh, but I assure you it works.
I am a diabetic and in 2003 I started this regime and lost 130 pounds in 8 months.
And if I can do it, anybody can! You can reply if you need a little support, and I wish you great success!!

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7 Responses to “17 Year old Male – Weight loss?”

  1. arizona524 writes:

    Dont drink soda, does wonders for men!

  2. ellie writes:

    It sounds like you need to lose weight first before you can build up your muscles. So go on a diet and keep up with the treadmill, sit ups and push ups. Try and get into routines so then you can see how much you are improving….and you will improve if you work out regularly and eat well. Then once you’re down to a comfortable weight start adding more protein to your diet, things like chicken breast or steak will be good as this will also give you energy for your work out, just try and get meats without much fat on. Finally once you’ve started to bulk up a bit you can look into protein shakes. There is no point going on them right now if you are not creating the right starting block for them to work. Good luck!!

  3. Frenchie writes:

    Ur not that fat n yes trendmill is good

  4. BB writes:

    DON’T switch to protein shakes only, as they cause liver damage. Try walking for a while until you build up a sweat, then jog, then lastly run if you have the energy. It’s hard to just start out without warming up. As for the sit ups and push ups, you just need to continue practicing in order to build up muscle. Try lifting weights at the gym. You should eat lots of meat (not red) because its better for you.. Chicken, fish etc. Also, dark green vegetables such as broccili, spinach, and asparagus are all very good for you and low cal. Hope thats helpful!

  5. Jacob writes:

    Ratto has posted that same answer to at least 5 other people. He’s right with a few things but let me tell you what has worked for me:

    I’m 6’5”, and used to weigh 235lbs. I recently (3 months ago) started eating nothing but fruits, veggies, and whole grains. (It’s a lot easier than it seems). I’ve lost 20 pounds and feel great. I’ve also started P90X and will hopefully lose another 20 pounds in 3 more months.

    Change your diet. Diet is what makes up 70% of your physique. Good luck.

  6. Chantel R writes:

    Don’t focus so much on losing weight as getting healthier. Don’t replace meals with protein shakes for extended periods of time. Too much protein can actually damage your liver. The occasional protein meal replacement, especially after lifting weights is a good thing to do. Also, eating carbs is best done after a workout rather than another time.

    Also, about the treadmill… Try doing intervals instead of burning yourself out right away. I like to do hills on the treadmill where I increase the incline by a couple percent every couple minutes, and then gradually decrease. Also, I like to do run/walk intervals. Usually I do two minutes running, then one walking. Of course, with this, you can change the difficulty to whatever level suits you. And don’t forget that you can do more than walk or run on the treadmill. Use it to do lunges if you don’t have a lot of space to do them, or try walking or jogging backwards on it.

    As far as lifting weights, there are a lot of workouts available online and magazines that would probably work for you. If not, consider having a session with a personal trainer if you have the money. You could just go once to learn proper form and to get a personalized workout.

    These are all things that I live by. Hope they work for you!
    Good luck!!!

  7. Harry Potter writes:

    if your gunna switch to protien shakes you better be doing some serious working out cause those things can get you fat as hell if you don’t. Get a gym member ship, abs are hard to get not that i’ve ever tried cause well i’m a girl but anyways i know cause my bro works out for like 3 hours a day he’s the same age as you well a year older and he don’t have abs plus he ain’t even fat. You have to push yourself it’s the only way your gonna get better and if you die after a few minutes of running then take a small break, i guess, but do something in between and when i say something i mean like lift wieghts don’t just sit there. Read labels and change you eating habits don’t eat junk foods, and lay back on the bread too cause believe it or not it is fattening. Hope i helped 🙂

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