150 Pound Weight Loss Transformation

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My life has been a humbling experience that I am eternally grateful for. I may not be finished, but I know within every fiber of my being that I have become …

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25 Responses to “150 Pound Weight Loss Transformation”

  1. aliciacyn writes:

    you look great! well done!

  2. eskimohugger1 writes:

    very inspiring, youre awesome

  3. ember Ffin writes:

    awesome video, amazing job WOW

  4. sagrr30 writes:

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  5. PlainJayne Mansfield writes:

    You are amazing! Stick with it! I need your willpower xo

  6. ana simon writes:

    anyone els

  7. Satish Tamrakar writes:

    Have you seen Max Muscle Method? (Go google it) It is a quick and easy way
    to bulk up fast.

  8. kadeee1000 writes:

    Jon is the definition of Inspiring,,Jons transformation of weight loss is
    the best of its kind ive ever seem,,to do it properly like Jon requires a
    lot of inner strength,you have to mentally hold it together as you see the
    Kilo’s fall,,,awesome stuff………

  9. Gopal Lama writes:

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  10. wawahani writes:

    Great job… I hope that my willpower as much as yours… ^__________^

  11. Александр Керкин writes:

    great job man

  12. Coolidge Lonon writes:

    please help, I am watching this video because I want to lose weight

  13. Kimberly Mastin writes:

    I am happy to support anyone here who is in need of a transformation of
    body and/or mind. Feel free to reach out with any questions you have. I am
    a Transformational Life Coach and Integrative Nutrition Lifestyle
    Counselor. You can find me on Facebook as Radical Reset. Have a great day!

  14. rafael thales writes:

    Congratulations man!

  15. Susanna Lovik writes:

    Bravvo!! inspiring

  16. Brenda Hoyt writes:


  17. Mintu Rahaman writes:

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  18. Will M writes:

    The utmost respect to you John Calvo, you did something that most people
    only dream about and just procrastinate on, keep it going man

  19. ayşe doğan writes:

    I love “Weight Loss Green Store Tea! The taste is awesome! No sweeter
    necessary! It helps keep me regular and to maintain my weight loss. I drink
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  20. Lucy Parker writes:

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  21. Lesley Cohen writes:

    This is incredible.

  22. Clara Simmons writes:

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  23. Mark Calvo writes:

    Remember, you should calculate what you body needs in protein, fat, and
    carbs to maintain muscle while losing weight. Eat at a caloric deficit in
    order to lose weight. His recent videos explain how he calculates the food
    to “fit your macros” as he calls it. Again, using intermittent fasting
    takes willpower combined with strength training will drastically multiply
    your human growth hormone and will enable you to break through the plateau
    to continue your weight loss. Hope this helps.

  24. Mark Calvo writes:

    kamakaze112 is right. I recommend you also look at Jon’s other videos where
    he talks about how is was able to overcome and break the plateau you are
    experiencing. He used what he called “intermittent fasting” combined with
    strength training (during end of his fasting cycle) to push his body to
    burn the fat while maintaining his muscle mass. Intermittent fasting window
    is usually longer than his eating window, one example is 18/6 where you
    fast for 18 hours and eat during the 6 hour window.

  25. Amy Taylor writes:

    wow john

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