10 EASY Ways to Lose Weight & Get Healthy! Weight Loss Tips, How to Diet, Food, Health Coach

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25 Responses to “10 EASY Ways to Lose Weight & Get Healthy! Weight Loss Tips, How to Diet, Food, Health Coach”

  1. PsycheTruth writes:

    #Professional #Nutritionist Corrina Rachel
    10 #Easy Ways to Lose Weight!

  2. PsycheTruth writes:

    10 Practical and Realistic Tips to Losing weight and Keeping it off through
    Diet Modifications.

    Let us know if this was valuable to you!

    We all need a little advice sometimes!Share with your Friends!

  3. tdkfangirl writes:

    So is it better to find organic or homemade yogurt? I was really surprised
    to see the yogurt as a bad food…. I thought it was a good
    appetite suppressor.

  4. GorJessGem writes:

    Is hummus healthy?

  5. Sanjeeb Maharjan writes:

    To regular people who want to get thinner some day, Go and google
    Skinnimaker System so you can get started

  6. Kurrently writes:

    Great video. I started doing some of these things last fall and lost over
    20 pounds. Thanks for the extra tips and information to keep me going.
    For step 7 I found that getting up earlier and doing exercises before I
    do anything else makes sure I always have time to do them. I started with
    just 10 minutes of stretching every day and now do 15 to 20 minutes a day.
    People can find plenty cheap easy exercise dvd’s at amazon or youtube. Even
    just bookmark or save a tab on a youtube video with exercise that is easy
    at their current level of health.

  7. Danio Daskalov writes:

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    20 kgs and would suggest everyone to give a chance to ExprezSliminizer.

  8. Sanjeeb Maharjan writes:

    It would be a shame if you did not burn fat when these other normal people
    shed pounds so easily using Fat Blast Furnace (search for it on google).

  9. Jim mc donnell writes:

    Jesus ,,weight loss for dummies,,,,duh

  10. JOSE CARLOS SANTOS writes:

    hello thanks for helping us get back to eating as it should be without
    being killing our body slowly after 60 full years of toxins THANK YOU

  11. Heather Brittain writes:

    everyone in my house either needs to lose weight or gain weight but i cant
    convince them to eat the healthy foods like veggies. do you know how i can
    hide the good foods and make them seem like junk foods so i can get them to
    eat it?

  12. Bob Smith writes:

    Excellent vid!!! Thanks Corrina. Keep it up! I love your channel! 

  13. James King writes:

    LOL Easy ways for someone else to lose weight. Good points.

  14. Leeza Martinez writes:

    you are so smart

  15. Nikos Hernandez writes:

    Hey corrina my quetion is very dimple am taking my veggis serius but I cab
    deny the sometimes I am craving for some meat it is ok to eat a patty made
    wit veggies and use a whole grain bread wit lettuce tomatoes slice of
    onions if this is junk food also????

  16. Iuliana Bogusevschi writes:

    Thank you

  17. ApocalypseStyle writes:

    You are so great. You’re advice has really helped me out, I’m feeling a lot

  18. jamx97 writes:

    You have a nice rack

  19. lupbell writes:

    Very useful! 

  20. fuzzcentralage writes:

    shes hot

  21. Kendearia Pratt writes:

    is vitalmalt good for you please answer no 1 seems to know

  22. Christian Clemens writes:

    Love your outfit… your look amazing in those pantyhose! Wear them in
    every video you make!!!

  23. spystyle writes:


  24. Ty Stock writes:

    I now carry fruit in my purse.

  25. dizzyk54 writes:

    Thanks! Very helpful! Love your videos! keep the good info coming!

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