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25 Responses to “★ BODYBUILDING CHOCOLATE PROTEIN ICE CREAM (Low-Carb & Easy Recipe) ★”

  1. samuel lee writes:

    can i just put the whole bag into the freezer? :/

  2. Arjuna Gihan writes:

    If you desire to burn up fat fast, you should look up on google Atomic Fat Loss. That might help you get the body you deserve.

  3. racinggamer writes:

    just because everyone seems to be asking yes you can use whey the only reason it is casein protein is because that is the kind of protein you typically take before bed because it is slow digesting for muscle recovery and ice cream is typically a late night snack

  4. packie009 writes:

    I really like your videos. I am eating a very healthy diet now, lots of chicken breasts, greek yogurt, salads, protein shakes w/ spinach and bananas, etc etc. I really love your videos because they allow me to break up the monotony with creative meals.

    I have one question – are you a chef or have you just experimented a lot with these recipes? Either way, awesome videos.

  5. pallavi gurung writes:

    It would be a shame for you not to get ripped when normal people bulk up so easily using “MAD Ripped Muscle” (search for it on Google).

  6. Cristian S writes:

    Does it have to be casein or can I use whey??

  7. smoknjoe44 writes:

    looks like a big bowl of shit

  8. KimmiePJ writes:

    It’s a thicker protein than whey. It’s all made of milk but it goes through different processes. Also… Casein is a slow release protein, whey’s a fast release.

  9. KimmiePJ writes:

    This is aces. Made it today using Calcium Caseinate and also tried Milk Protein Smooth. Thanks dude!

  10. makeupbymichelle writes:

    what is Casein?!?! Is it a different time of protein?? If someone can please explain!

  11. TheCompGame writes:

    Yes…Its the same thing but the Whey just digests faster

  12. mjb6689 writes:

    google “colligative properties”

  13. whateveryounub writes:

    Yo, boss, can you make this in an icecream maker machine?

  14. whateveryounub writes:

    Im sure your boyfriend is impressed

  15. iZenZation writes:

    whats stevia? sugar?

  16. Maria Biddle writes:

    OMG this is amazing!!!!!! all your vids are awesome

  17. xXPeRFecTz writes:

    can you use ON Gold Standard Whey instead of that Casein??

  18. alfonzo9000 writes:

    You should make a cook book

  19. thkred writes:

    Love this stuff!

  20. vertigo0331 writes:

    Apparently you are not literate either…

  21. jaredpinney writes:

    Mike, does it need to be casein? thanks

  22. macarari writes:


  23. DetectiveDaggerz writes:

    i hope you’re joking man lol, if not then a quick google search will show you that stevia is a natural sweetener thats easily available in most stores 🙂

  24. amaterasu159357 writes:


  25. HrMerrlol writes:


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